We went to Expo park in Osaka.

Aug 18, 2008

sun flower1

We went to Expo park in Osaka.
Our destination is watching many beatiful sun flowers.
were so beautiful…it was unforgettable thing.
We saw lots of type of sun flowers.
was Nozomi and Cocoa and Gauguin and。。Rossiya。。and Gogh.

And many pepole fixed up garden. We told about flowers.
Then we knew that they were volunteer.
That day was so hot but they fixed up garden for us.
So I want to say ‘Thank u so much. We could enjoyed a beatuiful time.’

This grope is NPOヒ。ソヘ ・ル・ケ・ネ.
If you go to Expo park when you meet them please say ‘、ェネ隍?ヘ、ヌ、ケ’.

sun flower3
sun flower2
sun flower4
sun flower5

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