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I saw a tiger dance in Hurstville.

Today I saw a tiger dance in Hurstville. This was my first time to see a tiger dance in my life. I really enjoyed watching the dance with my classmates but unfortunately weather was not good. Today was a rainy day.

Before I came to Hurstville I didn。ヌt know today was the festival for people and also I really didn。ヌt know about Chinese New Year. I got a paper in the festival that explains about Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is 。ネLunar New Year。ノ in and also celebrated Lunar New Year in the past time too but now maybe only Chinese people who live in Chinese town in Japan celebrate it. Chinese people celebrate New Year with their all relatives. is same way with Japanese and Chinese people who give some to their children. is of course the same way too because in some parts of the culture was influenced by Chinese culture. But it was very interesting for me because I。ヌve never seen real Chinese culture in Japan. I really enjoyed today.

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