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I am looking for new CPU fan.

My pc is DELL Inspiron 530.

Inspiron 530

So is not big and there are not space for fan.
I can choose it. I checked these fans.

  1. SCKTN-2000
    is good quality & price too.
  2. CNPS9900 LED
    You know this fan is good quality but is dear…for me.
  3. CNPS7500-Cu LED
    This fan is size for my pc and quality is good too.

If you want to change your Fan.
You have to think socket type.
You can check your sockets size from your CPU.
For example.
My is Core Duo 4200E.
My socket type is LGA775.

This is list of socket type.

Type Maker
478 Intel
LGA775 Intel

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