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How to learn English in Japan.

Recently I study almost everyday.
I often use these services.

You can learn on this web site and is free!!
You can find lots of courses and you can make own your list.
If you are interested in this ,please sent to message to me.
Nikkei Weekly
I often listen to podcast on the way to office.
And Nikkei weekly provide good podcasts about Nikkei weekly articles, I often buy Nikkei weekly and I listen to this podcasts when I read Nikkei weekly.
I sometimes listen Radio
This radio is BBC.
There are a lot of categories,I often listen to world news and environment and Technical news.
If you can not continue to listen to News in English, you can get used o listen English.
BBC have a lot of categories you can find easily the news about you like
Take an exam
If you keep trying to take exams,you can get 2 good things.
One is you have to study English.’cause if you don’t is waste of your money.
Second reason is you can check your levels, is important to keep your motivation.

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